Walter Castellazzo & Liam 0'Neill

Please see below for images of the project in the making!




This summer 100 different artists & designers all around Ireland were tasked with a project named 'What on Earth', arranged by Goal charity. Each artist was given a white globe to decorate, to be auctioned off in November.


Liam and Walter decided to collaborate. Bouncing ideas off each other in the process, they have transformed the globe into something incredibly topical, highlighting the fragility of our world today and the mobile nature of the people within it. Identified and calved from wood by Walter, the white hands holding the globe, replicate the hands appearing on the cardboard packaging of the globe, indicating to 'handle with care'. This phrase is stenciled on to the outside of the globe amidst the land and sea, painted in Liam's unique style.


Cutting, reinforcing and attaching the hinge and chains to the globe was a complicated and intricate procedure engineered by Walter, bringing to life Liam's vision of painting inside the globe and resting a mirror in the casing. The engraving on the mirror reads 'I'm an immigrant', the mirror reflecting the image of three men; Liam, his grand and great grandfather.


Inviting you to look in, this work is consciously engaging with the people - each reflection representing the world on the move, everyone being from everywhere and not to take that, or the world itself for granted.


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